About Us


The “Us” in “About Us” is Howard Hill and this website :O)

Christian Noll and I started this website way back in 1997. We wanted to make a sustainable community website that was interesting and entertaining. We wanted to pull together existing information about Wantage and Grove and nearby villages (creating content where there wasn’t any) but we didn’t want to use public money for its day-to-day running. I think that over the years we have met these objectives.


The Wantage Business Directory provides enough income to help with the running costs of this website and also enables me to sponsor several other local websites for organisations that need this sort of support: The October Club, The Wantage Advice Centre and a few others. I also started and ran the Vale and Downland Museum website for over 12 years, but they have since gone their own way.

The future of this website

Once my interest in this website www.wantage.com has ceased (for whatever reason eg illness or worse) then Wantage Town Council has the first option to buy the domain and website from me. I have made this commitment to (a) reassure Wantage Town Council that this valuable community asset won’t fall into unsympathetic hands and therefore (b) help Wantage Town Council feel confidentĀ in promoting this website.

In 2017, Wantage Town Council created their own version of this website. It is called Love Wantage and covers the same functionality as Wantage Dot Com. This is not a problem, the council can do as they wish, but it undermines the understanding I had with Wantage Town Council when the agreement in the previous paragraph was written. Ever since Love wantage was created, the council has promoted it exclusively (understandably so) and rarely even refer to Wantage Dot Com.

Howard Hill, May 2013
(updated May 2021)