Local folk band Pandemonium were busking in Wantage on to raise money in support of the Nepal Earthquake appeal.

The morning started with rain, but the band waited until it blew over and then made a start. “It was damp and very cold, but we had a great time. The atmosphere amongst the market shoppers was just wonderful.”


Howard Hill of Pandemonium has both family and friend connections in Kathmandu and came up with the idea of helping out by busking. He said, “Although Pandemonium will be playing later in the year as part of Wantage presents… this was a last minutes decision made in response to the need for emergency funds.”

A fantastic £214 was raised by the good people of Wantage – generous as ever!! It will all be donated to the official DEC website.

Massive thanks to David Hayden and Lynn Christer for taking photos!