12th July 2015

They used to live in Grove but now live in Watchfield and told me they “didn’t want to miss this, so we’ve come over especially.” “Nudybronque are amazing!” they added.

11th July 2015

This young man was one of many from Sweatbox working hard to set up everything needed for Rock in the Park. He has just finished his second year of a course in engineering, and is soon off to Wales as one of only sixteen chosen from all over the country to attend a...

4th July 2015

“I have spent many happy hours here with my grandsons, but now they are teenagers, I come here for my own sake. I’m really looking forward to Rock in the Park next weekend!” she smiled.

3rd July 2015

I followed the strains of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to the park. “There’s one two year old who’s been coming to the mobile library since being a baby. They babble along with the story – yes, that’s reading!” “I...

12th June 2015

I met this cheerful couple as they waited at a bus stop in town. “We’re off to Oxford, to go punting and then have lunch at Brown’s”