Important changes in the appointment system at Newbury Street Practice

Newbury Street Practice are changing their appointment system to reduce waiting times for GP appointments. From Tuesday 14th April you will call the practice to speak to your own GP on the day you need medical advice.

Your GP will call you back on the same day and discuss the issue. If you need a face to face review, your GP will arrange that on the same day.
If your GP is not there that day, or has no capacity to speak to you, you will be asked to call the practice on the next working day that your GP is available.

If the query is urgent or you cannot wait for your own GP, you may be offered an appointment with another member of the team.
Appointments will only be booking in advance for the nursing team and for minor operations (lumps and bumps removal), coils and implants.

Newbury Street Practice will also use a system called eConsult via the practice website and filling in answers to the same questions that a doctor would in a face-to-face appointment. A clinician will look at your answers and contact you by phone, text or email by the end of the next working day to tell you who and when you need to see someone.

For more details refer to the website at ‘https://newburystreetpractice.co.uk’ or phone 01235 763451

(Note – This has nothing to do with the Coronavirus)

Adrian Bodimeade
Chairman of Newbury Street Patient group