Volunteers, business owners, clubs & groups from Wantage Town and Grove Parish have come together to organise the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations for the communities of Wantage, Grove and surrounding villages to be remembered by generations.

Initial discussions earlier this year between members of Grove Diamond Jubilee committee and Wantage Town Council gave hope to the thought that the two communities will come together for this once in a lifetime celebration to provide an outstanding event over three days from June 2nd to June 4th.

St.John Dickson, Wantage Town Councillor and Chris McCarthy, Chairman of Grove Rugby Club who are leading the arrangements said,

“We are pleased to see so many local groups, clubs, individuals and small business owners showing an interest in being involved. We all want the celebrations to offer something for everyone to make people proud of where we live”.

Frank Parnell, Chairman of Grove Parish Council & Charlotte Dickson, the Mayor of Wantage are also both fully behind the united celebrations. Action meetings for the events in both Wantage & Grove have been taking place regularly, so if you are interested in being involved as a volunteer or you have a group or club who wants to put on a stall, display, sporting event please get in touch with us via the website www.wagjubilee.co.uk You can also join the WAGJUBILEE Facebook group to find out what else is going on! St.John and Chris commented,

“We are confident that the people of Wantage & Grove want and deserve celebrations they will remember for years to come. This is a community event and everyone who wants to be involved can be. Wantage recreation park, Wantage town centre and Grove recreation ground will be the key locations for the celebrations over the three days. You should expect live music, sports events, stalls, demonstrations and crafts, games, floats, parades, refreshments, fun fairs and much, much more. Now is the time to get involved so please get in touch”.