Business Networking

The overarching vision of The Oxfordshire Project is to enormously impact the local Oxfordshire business community in a positive way, providing quality products and services to consumers, support local charities and community groups.

We help local businesses to support each other, we provide them with knowledge and opportunity, we get the public to support the businesses, buying local where possible and thereby helping local business to expand.

The Oxfordshire Project is not just business networking, although business networking is part of it.

The objective of The Oxfordshire Project and its partners (members) is to be an important positive influence in the business community, benefiting the local community – we do this by being a sustainable business and by setting the example of ethical, sustainable business for other businesses to follow.

By being a sustainable business that works in harmony with itself, we would love to create a model for this type of role in the community, and to be able to spread this out across the country, and, later, throughout the world.

The other aspect of The Oxfordshire Project is to bring together people with knowledge and resources – business coaches, professors and other great thinkers, people who have worked in politics, charity workers, people from every part of society – to help and support community groups in the very good work they do; and in the process, create teams of brilliant people who thrive on working and making a difference together.

The Wantage & District Business Breakfast Club is an opportunity to meet local business colleagues leading to the promotion of your own business and valuable networking with business connections.

A voluntary organisation run by our members; a friendly group of local business people who represent business and professional interest within the Wantage community.\n\nThe Chamber seeks to  benefit and protect the trading interests of our members and to promote our town and district.\n\nMembership is drawn from every level of business; sole traders, small businesses, retailers, local and community groups. \n\nWhatever your business type, size, industry affiliation, the Wantage & District Chamber welcomes you to join.

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