Lenny's Lizards


Reptile Rescue and Care\n\nHi there, we are a Reptile Sanctuary based in Wantage, Oxfordshire. Currently we have over 130 reptiles in our care. At Lenny’s Lizards we want to offer any unwanted lizard, snake or insect a loving home. We will not turn anything away, whatever condition they may be in.\n\nHere at Lenny’s we understand some reptiles become unwanted through no fault of their own, sometimes they become too big, too grumpy, they bite, they are miss sold or their owner simply cannot afford or do not have the time to care for them any more.\n\nWe are not here to judge anyone. Just offer a loving home to any reptile.\nSometimes we will look to re-home some of the reptiles we have.\nIf you are interested in re-homing please check out our Facebook page or feel free to email me with any questions at lennyslizards@hotmail.co.uk.\n\nWe are a self funded rescue. the running of the rescue currently costs myself and my partner Nikkie roughly £700 a month. This does not include veterinary bills or any other unforeseeable circumstances, to raise funds for the running of the centre we are available for birthday parties, school fete’s, informative school visits, scout and guides groups and much more.\n\nHaving owned various different reptiles over the years i have developed quite an extensive knowledge of our cold blooded friends and am always happy to offer advice to anyone unsure of how to care for them, or even if they are interested in getting one and have general queries on their overall requirements so please don’t be afraid of getting in touch with me!\n\nWe could not run this rescue if it wasn’t for the great help from all our volunteers.