St John Ambulance


St John Ambulance believes that everyone who needs it should receive first aid from those around them. No one should suffer for the lack of trained first aiders.\n\nEvery year, St John Ambulance teaches 800,000 people how to be the difference between a life lost, and a life saved.  From two hour essential first aid courses to volunteer ambulance crews responding to 999 calls, we have opportunities for everyone.\n\nIf you’re scared of blood, or would prefer not to do first aid, there are plenty of “behind the scenes” roles, such as catering, admin, fundraising and publicity.\n\nSt John Ambulance is one of the largest youth organisations in the UK with 20,000 members aged between 5 and 25.  5 to http://www.wantage.com/wp year olds are called Badgers, and http://www.wantage.com/wp to 18 year olds are Cadets.  Students at university can join St John LINKS, providing first aid at gigs and sports fixtures.  Adult members (18+) volunteer locally in Wantage, around Oxfordshire, and across the country.  There is weekly training programme to keep your skills fresh, and an active social calendar.\n\nIf you are interested, please contact us for more information. There’s no commitment to join so come to a meeting and see if you like it!\n\nBadgers – age 5 to http://www.wantage.com/wp\nCadets – age http://www.wantage.com/wp to 17\nAdults – age 18+

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