White Horse Ancestors

A bit about me first, I have been involved in family and local history for coming up to 24 years now, which started when I was a volunteer for the National Inventory of War Memorials project run by the Imperial War Museum, recording information about local war memorials in the Vale of the White Horse. On a personal note, I have traced my own family history back to 1567 in Wiltshire. Family and local history is a growing interest today.

White Horse Hill near Wantage


People ask:

  • Where did my family come from?
  • Where did they live?
  • What did they do?

It is not always easy to start or have time to do it but then one gets stuck. It is a fallacy to assume that all the information you need is on the Internet. It is not! Many documents, because of their age, condition, size etc will never appear on the net and will need someone to locate, interpret and copy. That’s where White Horse Ancestors comes in. It is a local, family and military history research business based in Wantage.

Old Wantage - Market Place, Wantage, Oxfordshire


I specialise in three areas:

  • The local history of the Vale of the White Horse, now in Oxfordshire but pre 1974 in Berkshire.
  • Genealogical research for people from and living in the Vale of the White Horse.
  • Military and Naval research of any period, but especially the Great War 1914 – 1918.

The latter is very much in people’s minds at the moment, with the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War 1 which took place in August 2014. The vast majority of us have an ancestor who served during this conflict. Do you know what he or she did during this time? Where or with whom did they serve? I can help to find that out. There are a number of World War I anniversaries coming up during 2015.

Old Wantage, WW1 Wantage, Oxfordshire


Those I can name include:

  • Second Battle of Ypres April-May 2015
  • Gallipoli April 2015
  • Battle of Loos September 2015

Did your ancestors served during these battles? Was he wounded or did he sadly die during this time?

From October 1914 until May 1915 there was St Katharines Red Cross Hospital in Wantage (at St Katharines School – see photo below). It was a convalescent hospital which treated those servicemen recovering from wounds or illness , but not yet ready to be discharged from treatment. I am aware of several men treated there including Pte Voyce 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards and Pte Jarrett of the West Riding Regiment. There was only one death during the hospital’s existence, Pte Gabriel Kite died of wounds received at Hill 60, near Ypres in May 1915. As to staff, I can name two VAD Nurses, Pauline Buckridge and Joan Burgess. Are you related to any of these people? Did your ancestor recover from his wounds received in action in Wantage? I can help research their military career during World War 1.


I am not all about military research and am able to research your family tree and flesh out the background to your ancestors past and those tales you have always wanted to know more about, whether it be your great-grandfather being caught scrumping apples in a farmer’s orchard in 1888 or a mysterious disappearance of a relative in the 18th century.

Please get in touch, I am willing to help.

Just contact me on enquiries@whitehorseancestors.co.uk or through my website www.whitehorseancestors.co.uk which gives further details on my services and charges.