High on the Berkshire Downs in Lambourn, Sheepdrove Organic Farm is gearing up for the busiest time of the year – Christmas!

More than 500 turkeys, geese and ducks are being reared organically at the 2,500 acre farmespecially for the festive season. This is in addition to the cattle, sheep and pigs that are reared all year round to supply Sheepdrove’s Organic Butchers’ shops in Bristol and London and the popular national meat box scheme.

Sheepdrove offers a mix of traditional and heritage breeds of turkey, goose and duck, each offering different and unique characteristics and flavours to really provide a standout centrepiece for your Christmas table.

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Traditional Organic Norfolk Bronze Turkeys have juicy white meat and the Organic Heritage Turkeys are longer in the leg and breast and produce a darker, more flavoursome meat which is exceptionally moist. The turkeys are reared outdoors with free access to around 40 acres of mixed grass and herb pasture. They have constant access to their houses, and toys satisfy their naturally curious nature. Heritage birds are proficient flyers and can often be found perching high up in trees, or even wandering in groups around the grounds of the Eco-Conference centre!

Sheepdrove’s Farm Manager Dan Bull says: “We believe in rearing our free-range organic turkeys slowly, allowing them time to mature naturally to a good weight over a period of 6 months. This is in stark contrast to the millions of intensively-reared birds which will soon be hitting supermarket shelves all over the country.”

Traditional Embden Geese and Aylesbury Ducks are also raised outdoors in a separate secure ‘predator-proof’ field of 38 acres. Small ponds and agro-forestry strips throughout the enclosure provide the birds with as natural a habitat as possible. The geese consume vast quantities of grass and vegetation and reach a good size and weight from this natural diet. Because of this healthy diet the geese have a beautifully dark meat and a rich, luxurious flavour. Organic ducks raised in the same way also provide a special treat at the Christmas table.

These delicious birds are all available to purchase separately or as part of an extra-specialSheepdrove Christmas Hamper. These hampers contain all you need for the perfect festive feast. Alternatively they would make an ideal and unique gift.

Sheepdrove Organic Farm offer a local delivery service to OX12 and the surrounding areas for Christmas. Alternatively, collect in person from the farm on the 23rd or 24th December andbe greeted with a warming glass of mulled wine and a mince pie on arrival.

Visit Sheepdrove’s online shop to place an order or to browse the full organic product range,including grass-fed beef, mutton, lamb and high welfare free-range pork and chicken. Alternatively, please call the Lambourn office on 01488 674747 for further information.

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