Beryl Stoter celebrated her 100th birthday on February 13th 2020. Happy Birthday Beryl!

To celebrate her centenarian status, her son Graham worked with the team at St Katharine’s care home in Wantage to host a birthday party for his mother. The event was  held in the afternoon with a buffet and birthday cake which was made by the wonderful kitchen team for the celebrations. Graham organised for her family to come from Wales and Ireland to surprise Beryl and for her to have her hair done at the home to feel extra special for her party.

She is very family orientated and greets the residents and carers constantly. She adores adores her three sons beyond belief and she makes time for everyone. Her son Graham lives close by and visits almost every day. Beryl enjoys dancing and she loves dogs

Beryl moved into St Katharine’s Care Home after seeing 9 homes in total, but chose this one because of the good reputation it held in her community. As a keen participant in her community, she and her son Graham took faith in the reputation they hold.

The carers love Beryl, whilst they care for her in a physical and mental state, Beryl still takes the time to show interest in their lives and speak with them and shows consideration for other residents at the home. The carers describe Beryl as a ‘lovely, caring lady’ who has left a mark on all of them for her compassion. It is clear she shares the same values as Gold Care Homes – being compassionate as it’s “what’s inside that counts”.

Rachel Burrows, Lead Activities Coordinator, commented “Beryl is such a lovely lady. She is so kind and always worries about other people. She constantly checks on the team and asks about residents who don’t have local family to visit them. I love to visit Beryl because she’s always a ray of sunshine to brighten my day at Gold Care Homes. These bonds are important to both the carers and the residents. Beryl is a genuine, lovely and caring lady to us all”.