COVID-19 Safer Public Spaces – Market Place Pedestrianisation and Survey

Wantage Town Council has created a plan  to improve on social distanced areas within the Market Pace as a whole, to make the area safer for the public to visit and to engage with local businesses. The plan, which is much more complex than just closing the Western End involves bus services, highways, disabled parking, other parking and taxi availability. The plan was submitted to Oxfordshire County Council asking for comment and guidance. Having received comment from OCC we have made the plan public.


A consultation survey which can be accessed online at www.wantagetowncouncil.gov.uk is being undertaken about the closure of the Western End and is also asking opinion about further temporary pedestrianisation.

Your input on the survey will assist the Town Council on whether we seek to implement the full plan or just stay with the Western End for now. The survey will run until the 31st October.

Recognising that not everyone has access to the internet, provision has been made for paper copies of the survey questionnaire to be made available at the Vale and Downland Museum in Church Street. Please visit there to collect them.

Wantage Town Council

Wantage Pedestrianisation