Big Changes are coming to Newbury Street Practice in Wantage on 23rd March 2020

Telephone: 01235 763451
08:30 – 18:30 Monday to Friday
Website: https://www.newburystreetpractice.co.uk/

What is the new system for booking a doctors appointment ?

  • You will call the practice to speak to your own GP on the day you need medical advice
  • Your GP will call you back that day and discuss the issue, if you need a face to face review, your GP will arrange that on the same day
  • If your GP is not there that day, or has no capacity to speak to you, you will be asked to call the practice on the next working day they are available
  • If the query is urgent or you cannot wait for your own GP, you may be offered an appointment with another member of the team.

What about Nursing team appointments?

  • The nursing team appointments are not changing – this includes:
    • general nursing such as immunisations, dressing care
    • chronic disease care such as asthma, diabetes

Are any doctor appointments bookable in advance?

  • Minor operations (lumps and bumps removal), coils and implants will still be booked ahead by the GP who is doing the procedure.

What about  E-consult?

  • You can find the E-consult icon on the Newbury Street Practice website and can submit your query by entering some information online.
  • The practice team will pass on your e-consult information to your GP and they will contact you with a response within 24hours
  • You can use the E consult to ask about your GP any medical query, new or old or contact the practice team for an administration enquiry such as a sick note request
  • You may receive suggestions via email for self-care management, be signposted to other services such as the opticians, or you may receive a phone call from your GP to discuss the issue further.