ebook and paperback available online onlineJust Where You Stand is a historical novel which begins with the Victorian era in Abingdon, Berkshire, England and ends in late twentieth-century Toronto, Canada.

For three generations when some good things happen anyway, three obsessive husbands undermine the lives of those around them. Alcohol consumes the first and an increasingly popular but controversial religious sect will take over the other two.

George Argyle, son of the father who drinks far too much, sells his successful Argyle Dairy in the early 1900s. In middle age he, his Wantage-born wife and their children abandon their beloved

Abingdon to live in Reading for reasons of George’s new faith. Monetary trouble arises and lingers. It leads to the family’s emigration in 1913. They cross the Atlantic hoping to find good work for

George and new son-in-law Jack in Toronto, Canada. Jack, who is a barber from Cheshire, will prove to be an obsessive sort as well. How do the wives and children fare?


– available as an ebook and paperback online
– soon to be in shops in paperback

Readers’ Comments 2015

‘….. bringing to life those characters and telling a slice-of-life story through all those generations in a way that rings true. It is such an interesting study, too, of male-female power relations.’

Beverley Conner
Toronto Canada

”…. the end of your book was very moving and it’s stirred up new feelings in me, towards my ancestors.’

Denise Roberts, piano teacher
Flintshire, Wales

Of the many things in the book, three made a particular impression on me:
– the amount of research … which made each era come alive
– the part where Zandra visits great grandma. There’s such love shown in that part, and such a clear depiction of old age.
– the part about Wexford Retirement Home … really aced that one!’

Marge Kelley, retired librarian
the Berkeley Retirement Home
Halifax, Nova Scotia


Sandra Marie Lewis has become a writer partially as a result of obsession with genealogy and the time which retirement allows. She was previously a teacher/chairperson in Ontario’s public school system in Toronto, Canada. She is blessed with two sons, their wives and five grandchildren. She meets monthly for lunch with an uncle and aunts who are briefly mentioned in Just Where You Stand. When not writing, researching or lunching with relatives, she finds purpose with her friends and gardening.

Sandra has visited Abingdon and Wantage twice and fervently wants to return.