The Brownies in the UK are celebrating their 100th Birthday and in honour of this 2nd Wantage Brownie Pack wished to do do a random act of kindness. The girls choose to hand out flowers to strangers, which included a yellow rose in honour of the brownies being called Rosebuds in 1914.

So armed with their beautiful bouquets they headed off into Wantage town centre with their leaders.
The girls were shy at first but when they saw the lovely reactions of the receivers they lost their shyness.
People seemed surprised at first at being stopped by little girls with flowers but once the girls explained it was gift to make them smile from the Brownies, their whole demeanour changed, relaxing with BIG smiles and thank you’s.


2nd Wantage Brownie Pack

One dad with his young son said he would take them home to his wife as a surprise. One lady told us it was the nicest thing to happen to her that day after suffering a nasty fall in the morning.

The Brownies left Wantage patrons with smiles on their faces as they went back to the hall wishing people a lovely evening to whomever they passed.

We did not realise the ripple effect it would have on the community until our DC passed to us an email from Mrs F Ross, a lady who had been give a bouquet by Ellie. ” I write to thank Ellie. I am a working mum of two boys and I have been quite poorly for four weeks. I was just heading home when your gift lifted my spirits tonight, I hope you all have fun celebrating your 100 Birthday Thank you.”

This was a lovely surprise and lifted everyone’s spirits.

Well done girls keep inspiring people to practice kindess and pass it on.