Wantage and Grove Scouts are offering their local Christmas card delivery service in December.  Postage is 30p per card and payment along with the cards should be posted directly into the one of the Scout post boxes located in:  Charlton Post Office (Barnards Way), Campbells Opticians, Charlton Garden Centre,  Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Wantage Health Centre, Smiths DIY Grove and Co-op Grove.  We are most grateful for the continuing support of these local companies who allow us to site our post boxes on their premises.

The cards are delivered by hand by members of the local Scout groups.  Please ensure cards are only for Wantage and Grove and are clearly addressed as cards to any other destinations (e.g. Challow and other surrounding Villages) will not be delivered and will be sent for recycling.  Boxes will be in place from 12pm Saturday 2nd December to 2pm Wednesday 20th December.

All proceeds go to the various groups within scouting in Wantage and Grove.  For more details on scouting in the area see www.kascouts.org.uk. Registered charity no: 300518

Thanks and regards
Tracy Thomas

Wantage and Grove Scouts

Scout Christmas Post 2017