Report for the month
In March there were:
  • 5 Friday nights out;
  • 1 Saturday night out;
  • 8 patrols totalling 40 hours of cover and involving 28 Street Pastors;
  • about 330 lollipops given out, 10 pairs of flip flops and one space blanket.
Here are some of the ways Street Pastors cared, listened and helped during March:
  • Cleared cans and broken glass from several locations around Wantage and Grove ;
  • Helped one young man find his mobile phone;
  • Cared for several very drunk young men;
  • Supervised a very large group of young people in Wantage town centre.
At the Sweatbox Youth Centre, members of our team stopped to listen to the band while one of our older members (late seventies) played table-tennis!
Following an important local football match our teams were able to supervise a large group of young people who had congregated in Wantage town centre. Two teams chatted to youngsters through the evening, giving out plenty of lollies and providing a sense of calm and assurance to the young people and to other members of the public until the group dispersed.
One of our teams came across a lad who had been celebrating his 18th birthday, by then shivering and unwell but still with his friends. We suggested they call his father to come and collect him, meanwhile provided much needed water and wet wipes, and then helped to get him into the car. The lad’s friends were very grateful to have our support and to feel we are always there for them.
Another team, working alongside the police, supported a drunk young man who hit his head badly on a car door as he tried to get a taxi home. Our team cleaned him up, reassured him and sat with him until the ambulance arrived.
Contact: wantageandgrove@streetpastors.org.uk or 07554 655 594; or see the Web pages.
Area Coordinator: Nigel Watt.
Street Pastors: listening, caring, helping
Street Pastors walk the streets of our villages, towns and cities at night to meet anyone who is about, and talk with any who want to talk. We go out as teams of four, in simple blue uniforms marked  STREET PASTOR .
For some people it’s enough just to be greeted; some have things they want to to talk about; some are glad to have practical help, perhaps to make sure they or their friends get home safely. Where groups of people gather at certain times, just being there makes a difference to them.
Wantage and Grove Street Pastors
The churches of the area work together to train their members for front line Street Pastor work and to support them with funding, prayer, coffee and a whole spectrum of other resources. Each Street Pastor volunteer does this work because God loves each person they will meet and this is a way to put that love into practice.
Wantage and Grove Street Pastors is a charity (registered number 1134429) assisted by grants from:
  • South and Vale Community Safety Partnership,
  • Vale of White Horse District Council Community Grants,
  • Wantage Town Council,
  • Grove Parish Council, and
  • Thames Valley Housing Association.