Just after the current Coronavirus emergency began, I was asked by various people via social media and by email whether I would be interested in doing something regarding local Wantage history to keep people engaged during these dark times. I had also been asked to do some history articles, some years ago, by Howard Hill, to feature on the local community website www.wantage.com.

So spurred on by these requests, I have started a Vlog (Video Blog) entitled “Tales of Old Wantage”. It is based on my regular ‘Local History’ page in the Wantage Herald. The photos used are mainly from my own collection and from that of the Vale and Downland Museum. Many thanks to the latter for allowing them to be used. If I use any other photographs from anyone else due acknowledgement will be given in the relevant episode.

Production of the video, with photos, music and text, is by Howard Hill.

I trust you will enjoy my Tales of Old Wantage.

Stay Safe and Best Wishes
Trevor Hancock

Memories of a Corner of Wantage

This episode of the Tales of Old Wantage vlog will bring back memories for some residents of Wantage. The photos show the now demolished Wharf Terrace (also known as Sansum’s Row) at the bottom of Mill Street. https://youtu.be/6y3B_YcYseE

The Day The Shop Fell Down

This episode of the Tales of Old Wantage vlog tells of the Valentine and Barrell general store in Wantage that came to a rather untimely end in 1908. https://youtu.be/VlXDwKsEsx4