I was unable to go to the cinema on Friday, but I asked my good friend Lucia (who was going) to write a report. Here it is…

Yesterday we went to see Gravity at Wantage Civic Hall, along with, it seemed, pretty much everybody else in Wantage. The film was sold out (200 tickets), and people were hanging around in the foyer hoping to take the seats of anybody who didn’t turn up. There was a party atmosphere as people welcomed a cinema back to Wantage and greeted friends by the bar. There was popcorn for sale, because, of course, no cinema is complete without popcorn. Food and drinks could be brought into the auditorium for leisurely consumption, and there was also the whiff of the theatre, with an interval complete with ushers selling ice-cream. The film was great, shown on a screen with massive, surround-sound speakers at the side. Yesterday was the first in a series of four weekends when there will be a film for adults on Friday night and another for children on Saturday morning. The popularity of these films will be used to decide whether to buy the equipment and make the cinema a permanent feature of Wantage. So if you want to see Philomena on the 14th Feb, or take your children to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 on the 15th, book your tickets early and tell your friends.

Lucia 25th January 2014

My friend Lucia finished her report with a note to me “You’d have loved it – it was absolutely full of happy people all excited that there was a cinema in Wantage. The film was almost peripheral to the event”.

Me? I was playing music with Pandemonium at Harwell Village Hall for a fund-raising Burns’ Night. I would have loved to have gone to the cinema, but clearly I could not do both. Some years ago, my family and I were frequent users of the Wantage cinema and I really hope this new project continues to be the success it seems to be. Valentine’s Day next eh?
Howard 28th January 2014