Find places to stay in and around Wantage.

Advertise your own property

Local Government and Business

Town Council, District Council, County Council

Chamber of Commerce and others

Church Partnership

Promoting fellowship and co-operation, and Christian witness, outreach and service to our community


It’s a map of the town, innit. Shows local places of special interest.

Getting to Wantage

Bus, train, car, taxi


Shopping Guides

Places to shop in Wantage town centre

Compiled by the Wantage Town Team

Guide 2017

Official Guide 2017

Available from the Town Council office at The Beacon

Street Pastors

Street pastors are trained volunteers from local churches

Care for, listen to and help people out on the streets

Independent Advice Centre

Free advice is available to all (donations welcome). Voluntary transport scheme

Sustainable Wantage

Community Action Group run by volunteers interested in low envirnonmental impact lifestyles.

Letcombe Brook

Local chalk stream of scientific interest

Home to proceed species


Mably in France

Seesen in Germany