Wantage German Twinning


Seesen is in Lower Saxony, about 50 miles from Hannover, to the north-west of the Harz mountains, and is surrounded by wooded hills and rolling farmland. 23,000 people live in the town itself and the neighbouring villages, which are part of the administrative district of Seesen. It has a bustling town centre with many half-timbered houses and former farm buildings. With the decline of agriculture, the economy is now based primarily on the manufacture of cans for the food industry, on tourism and on the service sector.



German Twinning Group

The aim of the Group is to foster and extend the relationship already established with the people of our twin townof Seesen in the Harz Mountains, about 40 miles south-east of Hanover. The Group works in close collaboration with the Partnerschaftsverein in Seesen, which is eager to increase contact with individuals and groups in Wantage and Grove.

The business of the Group is conducted at open Business Meetings which are held five times a year in the Civic Hall in Wantage. All members of the Association who are interested in the activities of the Group are encouraged to attend these meetings, and to contribute to the discussions of the policy and activities of the Group, and to vote on matters, such as major expenditure, which require their approval.

The day-to-day work of the Group is carried out by Officers, who are elected on an annual basis at the Annual General Meeting.

All members of the Association who are on the mailing list of the German Group receive copies of the minutes of the meetings, and are sent notices about all of our events.

The principal activity of the Group is the organising of visits to Seesen, and hosting people from Seesen and arranging programmes for their visit. In the last six years there have been six visits, three to Seesen and three to Wantage, each involving a party of 30 to 45 people spending a week in their twin town. We also assist individuals and families to make direct contact with people from our twin town, and we host students from Seesen who come to Wantage for work experience.

Other organisations in Wantage, such as the 4th. King Alfred’s Scout Group arrange exchange visits for their own members directly, but when they entertain visitors from Seesen our members may also act as hosts, and the Group provides some financial support for the programmes.

The Group holds a joint annual dinner and an annual barbecue with members the French Group. We also run fund-raising stalls at local events, such as the Town Dickensian Evening, and occasional social events for fund-raising.

If you would like to learn more about the German Group, and become involved in its activities, please contact one of the Officers.