Wantage Town Winter Window Wanderland, created and administered by Wantage & District Chamber of Commerce and volunteers, is an outdoor gallery extravaganza of window art, displayed in shops, businesses and homes, in and around Wantage & Grove for Christmas 2020.

This is a free family event that can be enjoyed by all members of the public and local community in a Covid safe way. Why not help Wantage celebrate Christmas in style this year, we all deserve it!


Window Wanderland

Window Wanderland

What is it? 

A magical neighbourhood walking trail that can be explored and enjoyed by the whole community. 

We will ask all of our neighbours if they’d like to make a window display. Anyone can take part and almost anything can count as a display: from a string of fairy lights to a band playing in the living room. As long as it’s family friendly, anything goes!

All the displays are put onto a map for people to follow. This event is fun, creative, inclusive and gives the community an incentive to explore our neighbourhood on a dark winter’s evening and enjoy it in a whole new light. 

What are the aims?

Window Wanderland was started in Bristol in February 2015 by Lucy Reeves to help bring communities together, ward of isolation and spread happiness in the gloom of winter. 

How can we get involved?

We would like you to help by:

  1. Promoting this event through your own network and helping people to participate — we want everyone to get the chance to get take part
  2. Making a window display — you can find plenty of inspiration here.

Where do we sign up ?

Got to Wantage event page at windowwanderland.com

Richard Shepherd
Vice Chairman